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50 guests and activities, exhibitors, restorers, young designers, workshops, photocall …


What is it?

You take Japan Touch (20 years old and 5 years old for the Haru). You replace age with experience and you get one of the oldest and best conventions in France.

On Google Maps, you move from Lyon to La Roche sur Foron, you leave the 3rd city of France to arrive in a (small) city of 13,000 inhabitants surrounded by the mountains of Haute-Savoie, just 20 minutes from Geneva and Annecy.


Those who follow us for one or two decades know our taste for adventure, and our desire not to repeat twice the same event with the same guests and the same entertainment. A bit like a good dish, we constantly reinvent and improve the recipe.


Rochexpo, the Exhibition Center of Haute-Savoie (France) is only 1 minute from the highway exit.

The parking of 800 places costs only 3 euros for the day. At this price, come with 3 cars and bring your kids, friends, family, grandparents, girl or boy friend. The train station La Roche sur Foron is 20 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus. Carpooling is also a possibility. Or ride your bike, spaceship or Batmobile!

Why spend the weekend or just a day there?

  1. Because you are going to have a great weekend (or just a day)
  2. Because we are full of surprises
  3. Because there are guests from all over Europe, and even further
  4. Because the weather will be fine and the mountain air is pure and invigorating
  5. Because the video game machine, the computer and the social networks are good but to meet the world in real is 1001 times better
  6. Because those who will not come will have necessarily missed something
  7. Because others will talk to you for months about what you missed
  8. Because it’s not good to live with frustration
  9. Because lovers of cheese (don’t forget you are in the middle of mountain pastures), chocolate (enjoy it for a ride in Switzerland) or good wine (that of Savoy is nearby) go to feast
  10. Just because you’re going to have a great weekend (or just a day)

For who?

Absolutely everyone. From 7 to 77 years (and even a little more). Cosplayer or not. Professionals or amateurs, costumers, makeup artists, creators, photographers, videographers, … or simple curious.

Yes but cosplay is not necessarily your thing? Easy to convince you. You will discover a wonderful world inhabited by superheroes, fairies, manga characters, movies or TV series. Some people buy their costumes and accessories on the internet, others spend months making them. Some are real artists, some are not, but it doesn’t matter. If it’s your first time, no complex, a costume, a jewel, an accessory, a bit of makeup, – our cloakroom is available – and you will be welcome.

Can we come not cosplayed?

Can we come not cosplayed?

Of course because you have to take pictures!

Except cosplayers what will be found?

  1. A selection of 30 exhibitors, restaurants and young designers.
  2. 50 guests and activities,
  3. exhibitions (drawings, costumes, …),
  4. workshops (make-up, 1st cosplay, DIY, repair, …),
  5. live tutorials,
  6. photocalls (sets to be photographed),
  7. photo studios,
  8. contests (solo, couple / group and international with a grand prize of 5,000 euros),
  9. parades (kids and seniors),
  10. concerts,
  11. shows,
  12. screenings,
  13. signings,
  14. a Japanese Matsuri,
  15. a group shot with 500 cosplayers
  16. and 1001 surprises

Short story about cosplay

Cosplay was created from the words « costume play ».
The term was coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi a japanese reporter who attended the 1983 World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) in Los Angeles and was greeted into fans dressed up as fictional characters.
Born in the United States, cosplay has taken off in Japan, before becoming popular through conventions around the world.


1. Hit with your weapon, you will not.
(Even if your weapon is foam, the possibility of hurting others still exists.)

2. Pay attention to others, you must.
(If your cosplay is cumbersome, you must be careful not to hurt those around you.)

3. Other cosplayers, you will respect.
(All remarks and incitement to hatred or violence should be avoided.)
(And don’t forget: “Criticism is easy, but you too have one day started somewhere”)

4. Roleplay too far, you will not push.
(If you play a villain or someone with a daring roleplay, such as Deadpool or Kill the kill for example, keep in mind that the people around you may not know the character. Respectful in all circumstances you will be.)

5. In reserved areas, your photos you will take.
(You do not have to accept every photo you are asked for, do not hesitate to go to the spaces available to you.)

6. Respect the jury’s opinion, you must.
(If you participate in the contest and the result does not fit you, accept the decision and fair play you will.)

7. Do not go against the safety rules, you will.
(If the safety agent refuses your weapon or any other object or accessory into the festival, his decision, you will accept.)
Signs are available at the entrance showing which accessories are refused.

8. To different audience, you will fit.
(With an adult or a child do not act the same way.)

9. Stay courteous, you must.
(As photographers and visitors will respect you, the same will be necessary.)

10. Have fun, you CAN.
(As long as you follow the rules above.)


1. Free hugs, you will not force.

2. Do not get upset, you must.
(if someone refuses a picture or a free hug, you must respect his choice)

3. Ask to take a picture, you must.
(The cosplayers prefer to be asked politely if we can take a picture, the roleplay of the character they embody may be something important to them)

4. The trash on the ground, you will not throw.
(bins are at your disposal, do not hesitate to throw in your garbage)

5. Respect others, you have to.
(Cosplayers, creators and visitors will have the same respect as the one you expect to receive.)

6. Your stuff, you will watch
(A pickpocket, a lost bank card or an incident quickly arrived.)

7. Stay courteous, you must.
(As cosplayers will respect you, the same will be necessary.)

8. The facilities and equipment made available by the festival, you will respect.
(It is important to pay attention to what you are doing to make better your experience and that of others.)

9. The people around you, you will not jostle.
(Some cosplayers have fragile costumes that they have worked on for a long time, so be careful when you’re near them, the same goes other visitors.)

10. Have fun, you CAN.
(As long as you follow the rules above.)